Terms And Conditions Of Admission

  1. The aspirant shall submit Aadhaar/Election ID card as identity proof and a passport size photograph at the time of admission.
  2. The aspirant shall submit copies of his/her educational qualifications at the time of admission.
  3. The aspirant shall ascertain the validity of his/her degrees. Triune Academy will not be responsible for any error/mistake in this regard.
  4. Triune Academy will not be responsible for rejection of an aspirant's application by the UPSC, for any reason.
  5. The prescribed course fee may be paid in cash, cheque or Bank transfer as the case maybe in favour of M/s. RBS India Pvt Ltd.
  6. Payment in two equal instalments may be allowed by the Management, in the case of deserving aspirants.
  7. Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance.
  8. The Management reserves the right to deny admission to any aspirant without assigning any reason.
  9. In case of continuous absence of an aspirant for more than 15 classes, it will be deemed that, the aspirant has discontinued attending the course, and will not be eligible to avail any facility of the Academy thereafter.
  10. Classes shall be wound up on completion of stipulated time.
  11. Triune Academy reserves its right to terminate admission to any aspirant, for violating discipline and any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions of admission.