Guest Speakers




Ms. Jyothi Vijayakumar

Seminar on Indian Society

Mr. Samuel Varghese IAS (Rtd)

“J&K Issues”

Mr. Mathew John IPS (Rtd)

“India’s Tomorrow” – SWOT Discussion

Mr. T.P Sitharam IFS(Rtd)

“India in the emerging World Order-Foreign Policy imperatives”

Dr. R. Mohan IRS (Rtd)

“Demonetisation and its impact”

Mr. Roy Paul IAS(Rtd)

“Civil Services Interview Skills”

Mr. Dominic Joseph, IRS(Rtd)

“GST- Current Status”

Mr. Davis Manavalan IAS (Rtd) Executive Director AFPRO

“Water Crisis – Is India Ready to meet the challenge?”

Mr. Geo Fernandez, Assistant Professor, Petroleum University, Dehradun

“Oil and Gas in Energy Security”

Mr. Nitin Gregory

“Is globalization a reality?”

Prof.(Dr) Jacob

“Challenges of Indian Education System”

Dr. Ashok Kumar, CIFT

“Food Security and Food Safety”

Prof. Kunji Krishnan Former Pro. VC, CUSAT

“Indian History in the Examination perspective”

Col. Babu Joseph

“Security challenges of India”

Dr. C.I . Joy IAS (Rtd)

“Strategic study for CSE”

Mr. Mohandas Paliath

“Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude”

Mr. Nishad Kapadia, Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA

“Economic ideas that shaped the World”

Dr. K.S Sugathan IAS (Rtd)

“India’s Demographic Dividend & its Challenges”

Dr. P.M. Mathew, Director, ISED

“Challenges of Make in India Programme”